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Confirmo is an intelligent tracking system, powered by our ContineoNX IoT Platform, that ensures safety of students during transit and while in school. Its SMS integration, SaaS based solution and pay-as-you-go model enable schools to adopt the system easily and quickly.


The key benefits that CONFIRMO offers are:

  • Assurance about child safety at all times.
  • Better time management for pick-up/drop based on SMS alerts.
  • Alerts for students boarding/alighting the bus and for any delays.
  • Real time location tracking of the child in case of an emergency.
  • Timely and regular alerts from the school.
  • Transparent transport fee management system


The key benefits that CONFIRMO offers to schools are:

  • Immediate access to vehicle and student location.
  • Track unauthorized access to school transport.
  • Compliance with Government rules.
  • Alerts raised if pre-defined routes are not followed.
  • Alerts if transportation fees are not paid.
  • Improved vendor management and greater control of transport staff.
  • Easy to access report and analytics; Lower resource cost.


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