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Genesys is a modeling tool that allows users to model the requirement and design for a software project. Generation of artifacts across phases can be done using this model. Existing artifacts can also be used to reverse engineer the requirement model.


Genesys can be used as:

  • A modeling tool: Genesys is used to model requirements and design. In Genesys, a model is described in terms of 'Types' such as business processes, functional processes, screens, events, database queries, etc. The types used for modeling purposes can be customized up to the attribute level. Customized designers can be plugged in for any given type.
  • A process driven automation tool: Development processes can be defined and artifact templates for a process can be plugged in. The 'types' of the model applicable to a process can be specified. Transformers that transform the specification model to implementation model or model to artifacts, or vice versa, can also be plugged in for customized automation. Using this information Genesys can use parts of the model to generate artifacts or reverse-engineer the model from artifacts.
  • A code generation tool: Frameworks for web, mobile and desktop application on platforms such as .Net, Java, PHP, can be defined as processes and code generators for every framework can be plugged in. Code generation can be done for any framework from the same requirement model.
  • A traceability tool: When artifacts are automated from the model, links of these artifacts are maintained with instances of types in the model using which they were created. These links help to trace the impact of a change made to the model, or a change made to an artifact.