The Indicus Experience


The Indicus Experience:

Most enterprising software professionals look for a certain kind of work they would like to do and a certain kind of company they would like to be part of. At Indicus, if you have talent, conviction and the desire to excel in each and every activity, there are no limits to where you can reach. It is our strong belief that if our company has to grow and achieve its long term objectives, our people will have to play a major role in the process. That is why, we are always on the lookout for talented individuals who are passionate about what they do and possess the enthusiasm and spirit to make things happen around them. We want professionals who have dreams to be part of a dynamic organization... one that is driven by its own people. For us, it's not about the numbers. We do not subscribe to the philosophy that a bigger team is a better team. It is our strong belief that a small team can do wonders if it works together towards achieving a shared objective.

Being a part of our team allows you to get in-depth exposure to various technologies, activities and roles. Working at Indicus will not only challenge your abilities and temperament, it will also be a great experience, both in terms of the knowledge that you shall acquire and also in terms of the level of satisfaction that you will get from working on complex projects. If you have the aptitude to learn new things every day, then Indicus will provide you with the platform to enhance your skills and put all your capabilities to good use.

Our clients are mostly located in Japan and working with them is something we value very highly. We treasure the wonderful relationships that we have developed with our clients and we make every effort to ensure that we deliver solutions and services of the highest quality. We have internal Japanese language sessions that help our team members to learn the language and make it easier for them to communicate with our Japanese clients directly. As a member of the Indicus team, you will need to be mentally tough and committed to satisfying the client at all costs.

Since we work on the latest technologies, you will get ample opportunity to explore on your own and implement your knowledge. The advantage of having smaller teams is that each member gets a feel of playing different roles, depending on the kind of project he or she is working on. While in one project, you may be involved mainly in coding, in another, you may have to lead a small team and participate in the various phases of development, like requirement analysis, design, etc. This gives you the opportunity to acquire special skills required for each role and identify your areas of strength and interest and pursue them more systematically. Our CMMI Level 3 certification re-enforces our commitment to quality by way of following well defined processes that are focused on maximizing customer benefits.

Many of our team members get the opportunity to work on-site, that is, with our client in Japan for variable periods of time. This is not just a learning experience for the team member, he or she also gets to enjoy working in arguably the most technically advanced nation in the world. Working side by side with the Japanese is a real pleasure and the amount of value that such an experience adds to your skill set is incomprehensible. It is always our effort to send as many team members as possible for on-site assignments so that everyone is able to understand the Japanese work culture and imbibe the same level of commitment and dedication to their own work. Whenever our team members visit Japan, we make sure that they are taken for an outing to some place in Japan. Mt. Fuji is the most popular destination! In a nutshell, your trips to the "Land of the Rising Sun" will stay embedded in your memories forever.

And it's not all work and no play. We know how to have fun too! Be it parties, weddings, office outings, off-site team-building activities, Company get-togethers... "fun" is an essential ingredient of our day-to-day lives. Various programmes are arranged from time to time to keep the spirit alive and maintain a motivated workforce. Group outings, Open-House sessions, etc. are also arranged on a regular basis to bring people closer to each other. The core essence of our company is the importance we give to teamwork and standing by each other when the going gets tough. Once you become part of Team Indicus, you inherit our prized work culture and ethics that promote collective success and growth.

At Indicus, we value our team spirit and togetherness very highly. We not only share our joys and successes, we also stand by each other during tough times. That's what makes us a powerful team... a team that is driven by a passion to achieve great things and realize the company's shared vision. We are looking for innovative, team-oriented individuals who embrace technology and the changes occurring in today's global marketplace. If you are someone who strives for excellence in every task, takes initiative and displays enthusiasm and adapts to change very quickly, then Indicus will provide you with the perfect platform to build a successful and exciting career in Information Technology.

Speak to any member of Team Indicus and he or she can talk endlessly about the magic of Indicus. But to get a feel of the true Indicus spirit, you'll just need to be amongst us!


Don't get lost in the crowd... join us and be a part of our future!