Fundamentally transforming the way you operate and deliver value to your customers

Enterprise Digital Transformation

Data-driven value is exceeding rapidly to its true potential for several business owners. The days where the traditional way of working was comfortable, now it’s no longer the need of the hour. It has, in fact, become more or less uncomfortable and time-consuming. That’s why businesses are leaning towards a sustainable approach. Indicus Enterprise Digital Transformation powered by AI and IoT solve complex business problems and help in creating new possibilities. We just don’t provide; we think far beyond the traditional way. We want our clients to implement today’s innovative way and navigate change to enhance productivity, reduce time to market, improve quality and predictability.

Our Capabilities

Diverse tech talent

In 2000 we worked on complex RFID-based real-time systems. In 2022 we are working on Big Data, IoT AI & ML.

Customer-centric design thinking

Our proven solutions cater to Quality Demanding Japanese customers in every domain, ranging from Agriculture to Retail to Telematics.

Agile ways of working

We engage with you continuously to ensure that a fully functional product is delivered iteratively and at lightning speed.

Technologies Stack